Motivate Resumes –

Inspiring the best version of you.

I was sick and tired of writing my resume and applying for jobs, never hearing back or receiving the sorry you have been unsuccessful this time round email or phone call. It is so disheartening.

I spent the best part of a year learning the processes of resume writing for the Australian job market. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I started a resume writing business! And, here I am, the proud owner of my resume writing business, Motivate Resumes, created with the focus of people like you in mind. I am here to help and guide you.

After learning how to write resumes enough to send off my job applications with complete confidence, I want to help you do the same.

Working in paid or voluntary positions will keep you busy and challenged. Being employed also provides many opportunities for personal development. Not forgetting the immense sense of pride you will feel.

My mission is to help you achieve your employment goals by providing job application documents to make you shine.

I will highlight and showcase your worth to your next employer. If you have found your ideal role but are a little stuck on where to start with your application, let’s chat!

How does it all work?

The services I offer are 100% online. Just head over to my services page, choose your service and click the buy now link.

Complete the questionnaire you will receive shortly after payment and attach any other supporting documents.

I will begin your documents once all your information has come through. Should I need further information, I will reach out to you.

How easy is that?

For any enquiries, contact me via the contact page with your message.